Sunday, June 28, 2009

New Obssession: T by Alexander Wang!

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Okay this is my first fashion post! And it's going to be amazing. ;D
Okay so I think everyone in fashion knows Alexander Wang, his casual-cool clothing is on every hip fashionista in the world. They have a tomboyish charm to them so even men can wear them! (Well maybe not the dresses) But certainly the shirts! And Alexander has come up with a new line of appropriately priced ones! It's Called T by: Alexander Wang, and it focuses on the classic, simple Tee. The silhouettes are slouchy, and the fabric is quite light and sheer. It's like you slept in the shirt and walked on the street wearing it, tres chic! They come in simple, classic colors like heather gray, black, and white. The price tag 70-90 bucks. Not bad for insanely comfortable shirts! 

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