Sunday, June 28, 2009

Blog worthy BLOGS! : Sea of Shoes!

      All pictures belong to:Sea of Shoes. 

Okay so, I don't usually like reading "Other's" blogs but Sea of Shoes by: Jane Aldridge is amazing! The girl has magnificent style, and cool sense of fashion. The way she dresses is sooo out there, it's like what you would see on a Comme Des Garcons runway show, or something from an avant garde magazine. I love her vintage pieces, because I like to hunt for great vintage too! Except Jane is much more luckier than me. :( She has like a million pairs of shoes! OMG from Chanel booties, to an amazing lace up boot by Ann demeuleester. I thought i was obssessed with fashion, but Jane is CRAZYYY about it and I love that! Thanks to her highly popular blog, this seventeen year old landed a shoe line with urban outfitters! She has also been in teen vogue! She is my idol and i want to be like her one day! IF ONLY :( 
The link to her blog:

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